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Life can be wonderful here in Des Moines, but you may not enjoy it so much if your home is infested with bothersome pests. No matter whether your insect problem involves emerald ash borers, bald-faced hornets or any of the eight scorpion species that call Iowa home, we are the company to contract for commercial pest control in Des Moines.

Common Iowa Pests We Manage

Emerald Ash Borer

Agrilus planipennis may be one of the most recent pests to arrive in Iowa, but it's also one of the most destructive. When an ash tree is infested with these, the tree's natural ability to transport nutrients and water within its system is ruined.

Interestingly, the emerald ash borer is not considered especially destructive in its native Asia. Where the ash borer comes from, there are plenty of natural predators and insect diseases to keep the emerald ash borer in line. This is not the case in Iowa. If you notice shimmering beetles on or around your beloved ash trees, call us right away so we can tell you about your commercial pest control Des Moines options.

Striped Bark Scorpion

Centruroides vittatus delivers a non-lethal albeit very painful sting. Notable for their long slender bodies, yellow pincers and dark brown abdomen, the striped bark scorpion may be found indoors almost as often as you'd see it outside. These stinging pests are attracted to water and may be found lurking after dark in bathrooms, in laundry rooms and under sinks.

The striped bark scorpion may also be seen walking up walls, over ceilings and hiding in corners. They can even hide in your shoes. If you shine a black light on a striped bark scorpion at night, it will glow. If you suspect that striped bark scorpions are setting up residence in your residence, call us without delay. Scorpions are not likely to move away on their own, so your best bet to manage the dangerous pests is commercial pest control in Des Moines or wherever in Iowa you happen to be.

Bald Face Hornet

This bad boy can deliver repeated stings to any human or pet who has the misfortune to disturb them. Often found in Iowa backyards, these pseudo hornets may build their bulbous nests in the rafters or eaves of your house and outbuildings. Worse than that -each bald face hornet nest may house up to 400 individual hornets.

Bald face hornets are extremely aggressive and will sting at the slightest provocation. If you encounter these black and white flying pests, don't bother them. Instead, give us a call so we can send a skilled commercial pest control Des Moines professional to eradicate your pest problem.

Janssen Pest Solutions has been Des Moines' premiere pest control outfit for the past three decades, and we have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Wherever you are in Central Iowa, we are the company to call for effective pest control. If you think you have bed bugs, ask us about our K-9 bed bug detection service when you call (515)519-3744

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