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How To Find A Scorpion In Your House

Scorpions and people frequently find themselves caught in the same environments. It just so happens that many smaller environments within the large home setting are the ideal places for scorpions to hide. All the places that would lure bark scorpions are moist areas with water sources, clutter, unsealed windows, or other entry points. The consequent abundance of prey offers an ideal habitat.

Here are few other specific locations in your residence where you may find species of scorpions:

Untouched Areas

scorpion at your home Look for scorpions that are usually left undisturbed in corners, behind curtains, and in any other areas of your home. A good place to look for any hidden scorpions is an extra bedroom that is mostly unused. Remember, in tiny spaces, and like dim and quiet places where they can escape, scorpions can sneak in. If your house has an infestation of them, a wooden pile next to a barely used fireplace or a closet filled with boxes of off-season clothes is probably to be home to scorpions.

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Entryways Into Your Residence

Using any electricity, phone, or other lines that each your home, Scorpions also enter the premises. Check to ensure that any places where plumbing or water pipes reach your perimeter are secured, particularly in the kitchens and bathrooms. Seals around doors and windows, baseboards, and weather stripping are also vital. Scorpions can squeeze into the thinnest crevices and window cracks. Install weatherstripping on doors and inspect for proper seals around your property.

Wet or Dark Areas

Scorpions in damp and dark areas of the home may find both refuge and warmth. Laundry rooms have all of these attributes, so be on guard when going through clothing and particularly damp or wet towels for any hiding scorpions. The best way to catch a scorpion could be to leave a damp towel on the ground of the laundry room overnight. When touching the towel in the morning, be cautious – use tongs or gloves for protection. Areas on the outside of your home could have common qualities that can shelter these pests as well. Places you need to inspect are:

  • Rock stacks or rock gardens.
  • Woodpiles.
  • Areas where hoses connect to the outside of the house.

Basements are hot spots for scorpion activity, but scorpions will travel all over the home searching for dark corners. You can also use a black light or a UV light to regularly scan for scorpions as they glow in the dark using this method.

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