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How To Find A Scorpion Nest

Arizona is home to several scorpion species, from the common Arizona stripe tail scorpion to the lethal Arizona bark scorpion. Although these animals are typically found hidden in rocky desert areas, discovering them in your home here in the East Valley is not rare! Which makes knowing how to find a scorpion nest an essential step for you and your family to avoid painful scorpion stings.

Where do scorpions like to nest and hide around the house?

Hide-and-seek with various types of scorpions is not a game that you want to play. Some of the most frequent habitats for scorpions, according to our experts, include gardens, garages, and inside your house.


Scorpions will crawl under rocks, piles of timber, tree bark, or other small areas of shade in your yard during the heat of the day. Bark scorpions also like being upside down, so just being on the underside of garden furniture, they will shock you!

To protect yourself and your family in your garden from scorpion stings:

  • Be careful of disturbing stones, debris, or garden decorations.
  • In your flowerbeds, avoid using redwood bark as a mulch. Maybe it looks good, but the scorpions prefer to hide in it!
  • When digging or pulling weeds, wear protective gardening gloves.
  • Check before going under tables, benches, raised pedestals, and other furniture.
  • Keep clutter out of your yard, where it could provide a cool shelter for scorpions.


In dark corners, scorpions like to lurk, making your garage a great place to flee from the heat of Arizona. Pro Tip: if you put your shoes in the garage, inspecting your shoes before slipping your feet in is always a smart idea!

The Scorpions found in Your Shoes? Kick Out Them! Contact Scorpion Guard Pest Control Today! Inside Your Residence

Through loose weather stripping, wall voids, and other small cracks and crevices, Scorpions can sneak into your house, then hide in laundry piles, pantries, as well as other hidden and dark places. Once within your home, scorpions will survive without water or food for months. Before they become too comfortable in your house, it’s necessary to find them.

How To Spot Scorpions At Your Home

Using ultraviolet (UV) blacklight, the best way to locate scorpion species is to seek them out. At night, switch off the lights and shine a blacklight or UV light on loads of linen, in your pantry, and other dim and quiet areas that could be covered by scorpions. The Scorpion’s exoskeletons illuminate under black light, making it possible to spot and get rid of them before they could even bite. It’s easier to look for them instead of opting for them to catch you off guard when you least expect it because scorpions can spend a long time in your house. It is also possible to re-purpose sticky traps as scorpion traps.

How To Avoid Scorpions At Home

locate scorpion nest You may want to make sure you never have to go through it again after you’ve struggled with the stress of removing a scorpion or other pests from your house! Fortunately, it is a reasonably straightforward process to scorpion-proof your home. Our specialists recommend:

Check the weatherstripping system. There is enough room for a scorpion to wiggle through if you can slip a business card underneath your weather stripping! If your current weatherstripping is too thin, consider mending bare spots or installing new, thicker weather stripping.

Seal or plug the gaps where electric lines or water pipes access your house. Scorpions do not need much of a space to move inside your home, so make sure to search your kitchen and bathrooms for any exposed pipes. If there are any holes, fill them in to keep scorpions from creeping through! Repair any leaky air conditioners and other water sources. 

Cover all the holes in the walls, doorway, and screen openings. Though Arizona has lovely weather, an open invitation for scorpions to enter is to leave doors and windows empty. If you want to let some fresh air in, make sure that the screens are secured to keep out scorpions!

Keep your home and the garage outside tidy. Scorpions hide in the garbage. Cut the grass and chop down the trees and shrubs outside before scorpions invade your property. Keep your garage clean and tidy, too, so there are no suitable hiding places for scorpions.

How to Drive Out Scorpions

Although insecticides are available commercially designed to get rid of scorpions, attempting to eradicate them is always the best job left to pest control professionals! Our pest control experts know how to execute long term scorpion control, ridding your home of these pests without getting stung in the process. We are here to assist if you have extreme scorpion infestations!