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How To Use Diatomaceous Earth For Scorpions

“Is diatomaceous earth effective against various species of scorpions?” “Where can I get this?” These are questions that we get almost every single day. Let’s break them down here.

DIY pest control will not do the trick if you have bark scorpions in or near your house. DIY pest control might trick you into believing what you’re doing is effective. Maybe you haven’t seen a scorpion wandering around your yard for a couple of weeks. But, we guarantee these scorpions are out there; they’ve just avoided, so to speak, the ‘line on the ground.’ So, today let’s answer the little diatomaceous earth question:

Does it work?

diatomaceous earth for scorpions Technically speaking, diatomaceous earth is composed of a substance that can dehydrate and nearly kill pests with an exoskeleton. So, ants, spiders, and scorpions, and cockroaches, if they come into contact with it, the diatomaceous earth would take effect. Let’s say that a scorpion crosses the diatomaceous earth line in your yard. That slow death will take time – long enough for the scorpion to get into your home. Speaking of getting into your home, if the scorpion is already inside your home, the diatomaceous earth will not do any good. It would be tricky to get rid of scorpions if you have them hiding inside your home, especially if they have a fair amount of food source and water. Scorpions can even survive for months without eating anything. Humans are unaware that we bear gifts such as comfortable spaces or shelter for scorpions, insects, and various pests.

It has been proven in a study that food grade diatomaceous earth kills a scorpion. Still, it takes one to two weeks, which is ineffective scorpion control. But, it can be utilized as a part of a scorpion control program. Use it in place of commercial pesticides or other homemade solutions. Diatomaceous earth comes at affordable prices in many health food stores, pet stores, and online shops.

Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe To Use?

Yes and no. If inhaled by you, your children, or even your pets, diatomaceous earth can cause respiratory problems, even if they are minor. It is recommended that you and people around you wear a mask and gloves when using this powder as a scorpion control method. If it’s windy outside, say good-bye to your lungs and the diatomaceous earth!

Where To Put Diatomaceous Earth

If you’re still thinking about DIY pest control with diatomaceous earth, consider setting a boundary around the foundation of your home, yard, attic, and garage first thing in the morning. You’re also going to want to dust diatomaceous earth on plants, gardens, around the concrete walls and corners that we have here in Arizona, as well as between the bricks. Suppose you’ve got any plumbing pipes coming out of your home walls, apply diatomaceous earth around the lines and holes. The powder creates a repelling barrier for insects and other pests. At night, you can also pull out a black light and start hunting for scorpions. Repeat this process until the scorpions have disappeared.

Honestly, if you’ve had more than one or two scorpions in your home in the last few weeks, you need to call a scorpion pest control expert. Scorpion Guard Pest Control specializes in effective scorpion control and pest control services that use safe products for your family and pets.