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scorpion pest control in Tortilla Flat, AZ Bark scorpions can be some of the most aggravating pests to have. They’re hostile, stealthy, and can pack a punch with their stingers. Here in Tortilla Flat, AZ, we’re fortunate because while a scorpion sting is agonizing, most of the scorpions here are not poisonous. Normally, after you’re stung, you’ll feel pain and see redness at your skin. Some people experience nausea, headaches, and dizziness as well. A person in Tortilla Flat, AZ who is stung should be carefully monitored to make sure they don’t experience to an allergic reaction. If a baby or pet has been stung, they should get medical attention as soon as possible.

Why You Might Have Scorpions in Tortilla Flat, AZ

In Tortilla Flat, Arizona bark scorpions normally nest outside and will go inside your home to forage for food and water. Scorpions usually make their way into properties through gaps under windows, doors, and in the foundation. It is also common for them to catch a ride inside your home by leaping onto plants, firewood, furniture, and boxes.

Once they get inside your home, scorpions mostly stay at a few favorite areas. Crawl spaces, basements, and garages are well-known choices. Since scorpions are always seek water in Tortilla Flat, AZ they are also famous for being fond of bathrooms and kitchens.

Removing any heaps of boxes, debris, firewood or dense greenery around your residence can help avoid a scorpion infestation. Make sure that windows are closed and sealed tightly and secure any cracks in your baseboards or walls. It’s also necessary to avoid letting any stagnant water to gather. Be sure to keep corners, floors, closets and crawl spaces leak-free or dry.

Reasons To Treat Your Scorpion Issue Immediately

Only one species of scorpion in the United States is considered “highly hazardous” to humans. Only tiny children and the seniors are in danger of a deadly sting from this specific species. Any scorpion sting, including those from scorpions living in Tortilla Flat, can be harmful to any person or pet that is allergic to such stings. Even if the sting victim is not allergic, a sting is still very painful, and a medical professional should always handle all Scorpion stings.

Scorpions are not really known to breed rapidly, but neglecting any possible scorpion infestation can eventually result to an increase in population around or in your house. This increase will also boosts the chances of getting contact with a scorpion with probably life threatening or agonizing results. Calling us to conduct scorpion control Tortilla Flat, AZ can assure your family is safe from harm.

Highly Recommended Scorpion Inspections

Our technicians at Scorpion Guard Pest Control can perform a comprehensive scorpion inspection using a UV light. Scorpions are hard to see during daylight, but they can be seen in the dark using a UV light as they glow in the dark. If scorpions are discovered, we can apply treatment to the area around your residence which will prevent scorpions from getting in your yard. We suggest opting for long term, periodic maintenance treatments to make sure scorpions do not come back.

Effective Scorpion Control Services

Here at Scorpion Guard Pest Control Tortilla Flat, we use a conventional indoor spray and an outdoor power spray to control scorpions. We use a few amount when we spray indoors, and the power spray is utilized to reach more ground outdoors. By this method, we halt pests before they can even go inside your home. Our spray is non-toxic for kids, pets, and plants when it gets dry. This means that it can exterminate scorpions without resulting to any harmful side effects. We can also install traps, which will help capture scorpions when they find their way into your home.

Tortilla Flat, Arizona’s Scorpion Extermination Experts

Scorpions are aggressive and nasty, and even deadly because of the allergic reactions they might trigger. As a pest control company, we care about getting rid of scorpions, while keeping your home secure and clean. If you have a scorpion issue, contact us today. Scorpion Guard Pest Control is here to take care of it!

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