We offer scorpion control services to the greater Phoenix area

Scorpions are one of the most terrifying arachnids, which no one wants near their homes or in them. Besides a pair of large claws used to pounce on prey, they have a segmented tail, a venomous stinger for self defense, and eight legs. The scorpion life span is unusually long; they live three to five years, however, some species live anywhere from 10 to 15 years.

Scorpions feast on insects, spiders, mice, lizards, and everything in between, including dry environments. They use their pincers to capture their prey and paralyze them with neurotoxic venom. They will survive months without food if necessary, however, they need water and a shaded area to survive.

You don’t want scorpions to invade your house because they are venomous and aggressive. Despite their clever ways of entering homes, scorpions are a serious problem. Initially, they may hide on your property near outdoor woodpiles, potted plants and furniture to avoid the sun, but this may lead to an indoor invasion.

Scorpions can enter homes and buildings via torn windows, broken screen doors, openings in the vents and cracks in the walls. Also keep in mind that damaged or exposed weather stripping may lead to a scorpion infestation. Their favorite hiding places are basements, crawl spaces, bathrooms, garages, and even kitchen cabinets.

A scorpion will defend itself with its stingers and claws if disturbed by human interactions. Many people’s reactions to scorpion stings are similar to those of bee stings, and some people have an allergic reaction to scorpion venom that requires medical attention.