We offer scorpion control services to the greater Phoenix area

Buying or selling a home is an excellent time for a scorpion inspection. We want to determine the scope of the problem, locate the scorpions, identify the source of the problem, and provide recommendations for fast and effective scorpion extermination.

An ultraviolet light is used to inspect your home’s interior and exterior, which causes scorpions to be clearly visible at night. In addition to telling you where we found scorpions, we also suggest ways to eliminate them, help you identify the sources and let you know how difficult it may be to eradicate them entirely.

Our suggestion is that you open all doors, drawers, cabinets, and any other items you want us to check prior to sunset the day of the home inspection. This will allow us to inspect the home quickly without making any noise, which would potentially cause scorpions to hide. In addition, we ask that exterior and interior lights be turned off prior to sunset.