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When is Scorpion Season in Arizona?

Scorpions in Arizona are aggressive animals. No doubt you’ve seen one of them moving around your house. You might even have seen one creeping on the wall of your living room seeking a food source and water. These signs show that when the season for sightings of scorpions is.

As a member of arachnids, scorpions are animals that have existed for a long time. The creatures also thrive in sub-zero temperatures because of their capacity to adjust, as they do in warm tropical areas. Mostly, the Scorpion season lasts from March to October. These months are when Arizona is overflowing with all types of scorpions. However, bark scorpions, a variety of dangerous scorpion species with a deadly sting, often appear in this area throughout the year.

The following tips will guarantee that the species of scorpions remain at bay from the homes of your neighbor, blocked fences, or greenbelt areas:

Get rid of outdoor hiding spots.

During the scorpion season, piling garbage or even firewood on the ground outside your property provides scorpions with a perfect breeding spot. Possible shelter for scorpions also involves landscape timbers in stones, debris or piles. In these objects, scorpions also find solace and will choose to settle right next to your home. Exposed brick concrete block walls are a favorite habitat for scorpions in Pheonix.

Seal all points of entry that is open and restore fixtures.

Scorpions are known to infiltrate the house using windows, pipes, and even doors. Keep these openings secured to ensure that you are on the safe side throughout the Scorpion season months. Securing entry points often go hand in hand with the sealing of wall cracks, driveways, or any cover holes that could provide a leeway for these creatures to enter.

Snip all branches that overhang.

Although you might like the shade offered by overhanging trees, they also allow the access of scorpions to roofs, which would therefore enable the creatures to crawl into the house effortlessly. Trimming these branches and other plants will allow you to reduce the chances of scorpions.

Use leftover insecticides.

It would help if you sprayed leftover pesticides around possible entry points such as walls or windows to kill the creatures once they reach the home in the scorpion season months or pest control season. You may also choose to search

for these creatures during the scorpion season. It would be best if you grabbed a flashlight (a UV light or black light) and a tool that you can use to eliminate them, like a long knife, while they have the most movement at night. While this approach to pest control is the least used, it still works as a solution!

Equipped with scorpion activity awareness, you can treat your home effectively to monitor current scorpion populations in and around your home and avoid possible signs of scorpions. Monitor and prevent scorpion infestations with regular scorpion pest control services or scorpion prevention services that maintain an active barrier all year round around your residence and yard.

Throughout summer, sustain your house proofing and pest control efforts and avoid scorpion infestations in your home.